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Consulting Engineers, Surveyors & Loss Adjusters,
Valuation Consultants



There are mainly three positions that you can apply for.

A) Engineer/Trainee Loss Adjuster

We encourage engineers with 2-3 years work experience in industry to apply for this position. Once selected there is a 3-6 month probation period in which you are trained and are equipped with the basic set of skills necessary to be successful in the loss adjusting field. You will be introduced to various types of insurance policies and valuation techniques and you will accompany senior loss adjusters to different types of industries so you can get a good grip on what will be required from you. Depending on your performance the probation period may be reduced or enhanced after which you get a permanent job and salary package. 

B) Trainee Valuer

Valuation is the second largest department at HMC. Joining, as a Trainee Valuer will allow you to be trained to carry out Fixed and Current Asset Valuation, whether it is Land, Building, Machinery or Stocks. You will be made familiar with different types of valuation reports that we generate and specialised tips/skills will be given to you so that you may become a successful Valuer in a considerably short period of time. This training program last for 6 weeks- 4months depending on your performance.

C) Senior Adjuster or Valuer

Senior Adjusters and /or Valuers can also apply if they fulfil the required qualifications.

Hiring for all other positions in the Accounts, IT, Human Resource, Business Development etc is done on an ad hoc basis. We usually market for CVs through the local news papers. However we encourage you to visit our website from time to time because as soon as a position opens up this is the first place where the vacancy will be revealed