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Consulting Engineers, Surveyors & Loss Adjusters,
Valuation Consultants


Pay Structure

Hamid Mukhtar and Company offers two different types of pay structures. For the initial probation period you will be hired on a fixed monthly salary, which is, appreciated 5%-10% annually in July. After you successfully complete your probation, Loss Adjusters and Valuers are also given a share (5%-15%) on the assignments they undertake. This share% will depend on the effort you have put in each assignment. This is a means of rewarding our employees for all the hard work that they put into our company. There is no cap on this commission therefore the more you work the more  commission you will be able to accumulate. The share% is at the discretion of the CEO and this will normally be paid to you quarterly. For some of our employees ,the commission they earn are more than the salary they get for a quarter. As you may have understood by now this is a very big incentive for our loss adjusters and valuers.

While salary plus commission based structure is encouraged an  alternate fixed salary pay package is also available in special circumstances where  share as a commission is not offered.