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Major Claims Handled


Our company has handled numerous fire, atmospheric disturbance, earthquake, explosion etc. losses over the last 45 years of experience. Some of the notable work includes: -

Exhaustive work all over Pakistan during the floods of 1973 and 1988. While carrying out the loss adjusting work, were especially commended and appointed in a USAID Rehabilitation Project consequent to 1973 floods as Technical Director Incharge of Inspection Teams to supervise the works by M/s Zaheerudin Consultants Ltd. The works included School Buildings, Hospitals & Roads from Sialkot to Thatta (near Karachi). During the 1988 floods carried out loss adjusting work of all kinds of industrial and property Risks including Textile Mills, Sugar Mills, Automobile plants, Chemical plants, Cement Plants, Grid Stations etc. The Losses ranged from 0.5 M to 3.0 M Dollars in those times.

Handling some of the largest reported losses in the history of the country during the floods of 2010. Claims range from USD 5 million (Sugar Mill) to USD 50 million (Hydropower project).

Other losses handled over the  years include a claim at a Polypropylene manufacturing plant near Lahore, Pakistan which included damage to the entire factory claimed as a total loss (USD 1.0 M)

Handled an explosion loss at a multinational Chemical Plant involving damage of a Heavy Transformer and Business Interruption. The loss amounted in the range of USD 3.0 M and the BI loss turned to be USD 5.0 M.

Carried out many fire surveys at Textile Spinning Mills and Polyester manufacturing plants and Cement Mills ranging from USD 0.5 M to 3.0 M.

Exclusive surveyor for National Insurance Co. on various losses of a Natural Gas Exploration and Pipelines organization for many years in the 60’s and 70's and handled most of their major fire claims.

Fire claim in a Storage Yard of Cotton Bales at Karachi Port, Pakistan, USD 2.5 M.

Fire loss in a garment manufacturing industry, causing damage to Building, Machinery and entire stock of ready-made garments in process – USD 4.0 M.

Flood loss in a hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan, USD 1.5 M.

Earthquake loss causing damage to a Cement Silo in a cement plant located near Islamabad, Pakistan, USD 1.0 M.

Fire loss in the Packaging Machinery of a Paper and Board Mills causing damage to Machinery and stocks, USD 1.5 M.

Fire loss in a Fertilizer Plant causing damage to Primary Reformer, USD 2 M.


Numerous claims in Textile Ginning, Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing and Processing handled over the years of up to USD 5 M.

Explosion loss in a large multinational Oxygen manufacturing plant causing damage to machinery, building and surrounding properties, USD 2.0 and for Material damage and extensive working on Business Interruption loss amounting to USD 1.0 M.


Grid Station & Power Station Pre-Insurance Inspections -- On the explicit stipulation of London Re-Insurers and German Re-Insurers, appointed by Pakistan Insurance Corporation to survey and evaluate the Risks in the late 60’s. This has been a unique exercise ever under taken by a Pakistan Engineer – Loss Adjuster.

Our company handled numerous Engineering losses because of our founder being the first Engineer Surveyor in Pakistan. The claims handled include Power Plant equipment including Generators, Turbines, Transformers, Boilers etc. Many construction work projects including two of the largest earth filled dams in the world namely the Tarbela Dam and the Mangla Dam in Pakistan. This included interaction with almost all the renowned Electrical and Mechanical manufacturers in the world.

Any specific claim handling experience can be provided on request. Some examples of our diverse experience are given as follows: -

Handled several large losses at Polyester manufacturing plant ranging from USD 0.5 M to USD 2.0 M along with Business Interruption losses. The type of losses includes damage to process machinery and stocks in process.

An EAR loss at Ghazi Barotha Hydro Power Project near Rawalpindi, Pakistan, CAR losses of several run of River hydro power projectsin the North of Pakistan, Barrages - ranging from USD 5 M to 50 M.

An EAR loss to Tunnel Boring Machine in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, in the range of USD 7M.

Handled several large losses at Road Projects, Airport Runways, Drainage lines during construction etc. insured under CAR Policy. The claims ranged between USD 0.5 M to 10M.

Involved in more than 44 Power plants (IPPs and Captive) in Pakistan for Risk Surveys and loss adjustments in the last 5 to 10 years. Losses handled include damage to a heat recovery system USD 0.75 M, Turbo chargers of Diesel Engines damaged at various Power Plants ranging from USD 0.5 to 1.0 M, damage to Diesel Engines ranging from USD 1.0 M to 1.5 M and Gas Turbines in the range of USD 5 M to USD 15 M, flood losses in 2010 in the range of USD 5 to 50 million including Hydel and thermal power plants.

Electrical Transformers of various Power Plants/Grid Stations losses adjusted in the range of USD 1 M to 25M.



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